The Hospital Management Software is a Custom-made application designed to cater to the complex business requirements of a hospital, nursing home and healthcare institutions in keeping track of inpatient, outpatient, billing, discharge summary, Insurance Claim, Ward Details, etc. These are highly specialized software designed to take care of all aspects of a hospital operation.

Why Hospital Management Software?

  Hospital Software is a central database that stores information related to inpatient, outpatient, doctors etc.
  HMS offers records on real-time to check availability of beds, inventory, doctor charges, scheduling of doctor appointment and more
  Billing application to ensure correct and efficient billing with no delay
  Maintain Proper medical and other records and thus, facilitates documentation
  Helps hospital in maintaining transparency at every level of operation
  It offers multi-user facility which ensures that multiple users can access to the hospital billing software at the same time.
  Offer efficient staff management and allocation of doctor software.

To offer better services to a patient, we have some important features in HMS


  High End Material User Interface (UI)
  Multi-User account
  Separate Admin / Doctor Login
  Real Time Inpatient and Outpatient system
  Records of patient history
  Discharge Summary
  Customized Reports
  Insurance Claim for both inpatient and outpatient
  High Level Security
  Support on any Operating System (OS) Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS

Interior Design


Billing software is designed for all types of businesses. It offers tax management, Multiple invoice templates, stocks, reports and much more. Easily create invoices, Quotations, Estimation Bills. This product is full-fledged windows based ideally suitable for super markets, retailers, grocery shops, departmental stores, garment segment, etc.,

Start Creating beautiful invoices. Impress your clients.


Interface Design

Billing Software has never looked good or simple to operate. The intuitive design makes it one of the most accessible billing software available.

Create Beautiful Invoices

Billing software on designing the documents, Modern, easy-to-read invoice templates to boost your customers trust.

GST Ready

We will offer full support for the GST Changes. Our software will be updated accordingly and you will continue to run your business smoothly.

Fast & Time Saving

This is one of the fastest invoicing software. It helps in creating beautiful invoices but will also e-mail them instantly to your clients, and even as PDF's.

Quick and detailed reports

Helps you to create invoices but also offers comprehensive reports on your clients, payment history, services and everything else in order to run your business as efficiently as possible.

Backup / Restore Your Data

All your data is safely stored and secured on your PC. The backup and restore feature helps to protect your invoicing database form unfortunate events or to transfer it from one PC to another.

Print or Email your Invoices

It also comes with printing and emailing features integrated. With just few clicks. You can Email your invoice, print it or save it as a PDF.

Designed to work on all PCs

This billing software is designed to work perfectly with all versions of Windows, from XP to 10, so that you or your company can start invoicing quickly and efficiently without any compatibility concerns.